A New Year a New Blog

Here we are, staring down 2019 like a freight train. There’s no stopping time. And every time I get to this time of the year I start reflecting on my life. But somehow the end of 2018 seems to mark a new milestone in my life. Two years ago, I picked back up writing. From the time I could hold a crayon I’ve been writing. As a 5 year old I’d illustrate and staple books with stories about cats and stick them on the kitchen booth pretending to have my own library. Hey. I guess I was ambitious.

But depression and life crept in and I stopped. Not wanting to write. Rather, I stopped being able to write. Restrained by all the reasons I shouldn’t start. Or couldn’t start. I didn’t have a MFA. What did I have to say? Who wants to listen? Then in 2016 something snapped. The harsh truth is that 2016 was terrible year for me in a lot of ways. The only highlight was the birth of my kid. Even that was relatively traumatic. So that fall, I stopped with the reasons why I couldn’t. And started with the what ifs.

What ifs led to why not. And a new phase began. Since then, I picked up writing again, writing like there’s no tomorrow. Because somewhere along the line I realized that there might not be. Life is precious and little is guaranteed. So why not grab onto it with both hands while I have the chance?

Since then, I’ve written three complete (egad) novels and have already have ideas for my fourth project percolating in my overactive imagination. Please someone take away my laptop (who am I kidding? I’d just grab a pen).

And this website/blog is just another reflection of those changes. So welcome along for the ride. I intend to use this space to talk about life, writing, books I’m reading, and probably a good deal of food — because if you know me, you know everything comes back around to cheese. So here I am. And we’ll see where this goes.

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